Your guide in the e-document
management world

Learn more about the corporate software platform for electronic document lifecycle management - CENTREDO
Contract management
Automate the process of negotiating and signing contracts with your partners, wherever they are 24/7
Supply chain management
Control the supply chain, eliminate possible mistakes in manual processing, automate the process of delivery, coordination and work with documents
Accelerate business
Speed up the process of reconciling documents in your company and with partners up to 70%
Custom e-document templates
Create your own document templates, set roles for participants, and manage document flow on a single platform
You choose the provider
You choose how you work: through a provider or through your own business platform to work with colleagues and partners under your control
The only platform for partners
Create a single place to interact with partners and manage electronic documents, work integrated or through a web service
Security of document exchange
The platform allows you to configure security settings according to your requirements for security of access, management and data exchange
Cash flow
Accelerate cash flow and quickly close accounting documents with your business partners
Create your own rules, templates and document standards
  • Create e-documents with templates and share them with your colleagues and partners
  • Use a template catalog for any industry
  • Add your templates to the Universal Template Center and share them with others
  • Create your own e-document templates and share documents with static or dynamic content
You can use
Centredo in three ways
SaaS solution (service from a provider with a regular subscription fee)
Own instance on the provider's servers (software rental)
Own instance of the platform on the company's servers with optional support and further product development from the provider
Your guide in the e-document
management world
Centredo is suitable for all industries
Companies in any industry and with a significant number of employees will be able to automate business processes and reduce costs for paperwork
Auto industry
Shopping mall
The best solution for:
Business with a significant number of customers
and contractors

With plenty of input and output documentation,
which could be turned into electronic format
Companies that contribute a large number of documents to accounting systems or printing and sending paper documents to counterparties
Such a business usually has problems with manual processing
various information
Companies counterparties
Send and receive electronic
documents with EDS
The average amount that companies spend
per transaction for exchange
Companies can improve productivity
working with their partners and regional
offices through e-document management platform
Alternative to paperwork
Increasing profits of companies
which completely pass on
electronic document management
by 3-12%
Of employees' time can be used
for more important work, instead
of paperwork routine
Electronic digital signature
The Centredo platform supports both electronic ink signatures and qualified digital signatures.
Any other digital signature options (DigiPass, MobileID, BankID) can be added to our system as a plugin or module. Any of these modules can be used both for signing documents and for logging in / authentication.
Provider of electronic document flow
Centredo opens up new opportunities for your business
  • Data security
    The platform securely protects your data and accounts from unauthorized access
  • Transparency and flexibility
    Creating any documents and your own rules of operation is available to all users
  • Automate your business
    Exchange of internal and external e-documents of the company
  • Meets your requirements
    Create your own rules, documents and standards
or how it looks in the standard document flow at the enterprise
Our team and experience
Our team and history
Our company was founded in 2006 in Ukraine and has more than 200 highly professional employees.

For over 15 years, we have been helping to digitize and synchronize data with all stages of retail and supply chains, from purchasing and B2B sales to logistics and cash flow management.
EDI experience and expertise
Our technology platform has been developed based on international EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) standards.
The Centredo platform is the 5th generation of our EDI and e-docflow platforms.
sent e-documents since 2006
highly qualified specialists
years of experience on the market
platform users all over the world
street M. Vasylenko, 7A, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03124 sale@centredo.io